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Virus Removal

Is your PC infected with spyware or a virus? Our certified technicians can find and remove all infections without you losing all of your files. Read More

Windows Installation / Recovery

Has your operating system crashed or do you just want to restore it to the factory shipped condition? Our certified technicians make your computer like new again. Read More

Tune up Service

Is your computer running slow or frequently crashing? Our certified technicians will use a variety of techniques and can get your PC or laptop running fast again. Read More


Are you experiencing PC or laptop problems that you can’t explain? Our certified technicians can diagnose and repair your unknown computer problems. Read More

Our Partners
Comodo Protection

With a $500 virus-free guarantee that comes with their security suite, there is finally an antivirus company that puts their money where their mouth is. Read More

Avira Protection

Excellent virus protection that is backed by 25 years of protecting PC’s and Laptops. Feel comfortable knowing your computer is protected from nasty viruses. Read More

Malwarebytes Protection

Is your computer unprotected against malware, spyware, and adware? Do you want the #1 malware protection on the market? We’ve got it. Read More

Drive Savers

If your hard drive is physically damaged and we can’t retrieve your data, DriveSavers will go to extreme measures to save your important files. Read More